Video Games

Here are three video games I developed. Feel free to give feedback, Taranis and Shadow Stalker are on Steam Greenlight so if you like them please vote for them. Sketch Jumper was my first video game, it is available on the Android platform.


Taranis_logoGreenlight_logo_large copy

Top down shoot’em up based on the classic games with a mix of random elements. Collect a variety of weapons and change them through upgrades creating new weapons. Use a weapon that creates a mini black hole that stops enemies and sucks in smaller objects.
Battle enemies and bosses across random levels. The more completed levels the harder the game becomes.


brandGreenlight_logo_large copy

In this puzzle, platform game you are in a dark world against creatures of the night. Your weapon is yourself as a shadow. When the monsters are in the light they are vunerable and are instantly vaporized when they come in contact with your shadow. If you are touched by a monster without the light, you will be instantly killed and will have to restart the level. Light all the torches in the level to proceed.

Game was created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare. Theme – unconventional weapon.


Endless jumper to collect as many coins as you can. Made for Android.


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